16 thoughts on “How to style SPIKY hair

  1. I swear to god my boyfriend stole everyone's spiky hair genetics.. I'm here to figure out how to flatten it….

  2. sadly this is not spiky.. the is metro spiky.. sadly the 2000s did the proper spiky.. there is no matted hair on the side.. it all stands.. and fyi not everyone can pull it.. lots of factors comes in.. hair type, thickness, genes, length.. dont get me wrong but you cant pull a true spiky.. all this zack and christino hair styles are metro modern.. not the proper spiky hair.. just stating my opinion..

  3. i have tick hair and is awesome because i dont need any product for have my hair stand up is just naturally

  4. fml why have I been gifted with such shit hair, I'm 20 and it's thinnned on top and at the fringe loads. WIthout any styling it looks like the worse hair shape and hair you've ever seen on a 20 year old guy. I always loved the spiky messy style and the ease I see him style his seems obscene too me because mines so tricky to get to do anything from how bad it is

  5. I think you can thicken your hair by using nioxin and rogaine foam. It will bring the thickness right back!

  6. Great video, but as a dude, I look at the Asian guys and their Anime hair. You honkies have better hair and I can't compete with that.

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