13 thoughts on “How to Style Spiky Haircuts for Men : Men’s Hairstyles & Tips

  1. I'd like this video better if his hair was longer. Would help to know how to style longer hair as I always have issues.

  2. I lost so much hair and its not hereditary. I lost it do to being sick for 8 years. When I recovered the stress was so immense my hair fell out in the hairline within 6 weeks. Slowly coming back, but now trying to find a working haircut – until it grows back… I hope.

  3. I think he was born with this kind of hairstyle… It didn't move an inch. Mine would fall down immediately after the water spray.

  4. tell me this stylist was born with that voice and i'll tell you he prepped it as much as he is prepping anthony's hair. much more fabulous that way ;p

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