9 thoughts on “Hurt – Christina Aguilera + lyrics

  1. my grandma died of breast cancer and her one year of her being dead is coming up and it's killing me inside

  2. I remember a documentary when she recorded a song.. She cried through the entire thing. I felt her pain through this song.

  3. This is deep, intense… and you just have your heart sinking in a darkness you feel you can't​ escape

    But it is good to feel this kind of pain while listening to songs like this, cause after all, you can't truly understand happiness without suffering, and that's what makes us human

  4. I hurt my self by u hurting me I feel broke everyday are u proud of me .. Oh I'm sorry for blaming u for everything I couldn't do… If I just one more day I would tell u how much u hurt me so u good fix it.. I'm sorry for blaming u for everything ii just couldn't do I hurt my self By hurting u

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