10 thoughts on “#HurtBae 2: One Year Later – Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again | Iris

  1. Total narcissist – they always need someone to blame, but he was an asshole in the first x still an asshole – only person to blame for his infamy is himself

  2. She got a new and BETTTER man, and he’s out here “drinking water”? looks like he’s hurt bae now

  3. Imagine coming back to “redeem” yourself and then turning around and showing that your still the disgusting human being we all KNEW you were from the first video. Trash!

  4. A year later and a nigga still cant tell the truth.., This is amazing! He mad cause HES making himself look like a bad guy not her and not whoever is behind the camera. HE is the one being dumb!

  5. “I’m a black man living in America” yeahhh sure…. everyone gets shit on and people are wanting to be black so why would they hate? I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch

  6. If you were never in a relationship with her, you should've made that clear back then so that there would be no "cheating" none of this makes sense from his point of view. He does not have his mind straight and he's just proving the assumptions people make of him to be true.

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