17 thoughts on “I GET CORRUPT COP TO ADMIT TO ALL elements of false arrest,WHAT ELSE HAS HE DONE

  1. The cop only recognized a body wearing clothes. He doesnt know how the person looks but how the body looks…its not the soul that gets convicted its the man/defendants body that does

  2. Use the Administrative Process and END IT. Do NOT ever go to trial or even step into a court of color of law. You crazy?

  3. Look at the way this cuck judge defends illegitimate authority.

    "No no no, we're not here to talk about the law, and his authority to enforce it, we're here to roast your ass".

  4. The officer did his job , period . You idiots go to court and try to get off for breaking the law . Where did he get his drivers license , must have been in a cracker jack box !!!!

  5. Just obey traffic laws like everyone else and then you won't have to make a fool of yourself. You're trying to sound like a lawyer but you're just stumbling through a bunch of gobbledygook.

  6. stop covering the camera is not illegal to cuz and protect your property it is , in this case they just decided to arrest him no matter what he got the pos pigs mad now so they are going to shoot him with something lucky him it was a teaser and not 20 bullets or more .= https://youtu.be/Yh8Bjl5udB4  // https://youtu.be/1-G9gjgsvbA  = FBI Agent Shows up at Police Dept DrunkFBI Special Agent John Salazar was interviewed and found that he was not under the influence of alcohol.He has since been promoted and is still employed by the FBI.The police Grand Rapids, MI police department is under investigation for corruption and falsifying the police report against this agent,and using unethical tactics to secure a false conviction against the FBI.

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