I Just Got a Great Job

The only thing wrong with this job is that it is on the exact opposite side of the Boston Metro area from where I live now. That really is not that big of a deal to me though, because I am not really in love with the place where I live, I could give it up for a lot less cause than this. So I have started to look for apartments for rent in Revere MA. It is going to have to be a lot better than this place, which is really full of nutty characters who like to stay up late at night banging on pots and pans and playing loud music. I do not know what it is all about and I am not sure I want to know, but apparently there is some sort of feud going on. One of them kept someone else up late at night and they called the police on them. Instead of being civil about it, they declared war and it has been going on for about a month.

At any rate I am looking for a place that is as close as possible to my new job. I have to think about the cost obviously, but I am willing to pay a bit more if the place is really close to the Analog Devices facility where I am going to be working. In fact I would love it if I could ride my bike when the weather is good. I love to get a bit of exercise and of course my car is not really that awesome. It needs to be replaced, but I could keep it a lot longer if I were using it a lot less. Like anything else it all has to make sense in the big picture.

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