20 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Asks Shaq if He Really Thinks the Earth is Flat

  1. More damage control from the mainstream media. Can't let the people know that we're not on a spinning globe.

  2. He wasn't joking, he just had people around him who are smarter than he is who told him he needs to tell everyone he was joking. Good thing he was smart enough to listen to them

  3. Proofs that the Earth is flat: over 200Proofs that the Earth is a globe:       0Flat Earthers win

  4. Kimmel via his Masters was threatening Shaq subtlety but powerfully. stay on script or lose your wealth/life. the inner circle of the 33rd degree Masons is this: the earth is flat, not in a closed Christian slave dome, but on an infinite plane. stop trying to be a cool slave and leave your mental plantation. Kimmel is the Inquisition thought police of 1984. he is dangerous. you have been warned.

  5. People prolly thought he was serious and thought he never went to college or cheated his way through. Or given

  6. Wow, he is a MASSIVE dude! I mean, I always knew that he was really tall, but seeing him next to Jimmy just put it into perspective!

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