7 thoughts on “Jobless Canada part 01

  1. this is happening all over the world unemployment ratings are being manipulated all over the world if people only knew the truth.

  2. Stacked up generations of the jobless. If your parents are not wealthy affluent members of the community University in the future will be wasted. What are the elites planning? Continuing to pit man against woman, black against white, etc all competing for the same jobs! Who will work for cheap or not at all? That is the future for all but the more wealthy kids, who have always done well. The biggest factor that determines a child's success in life is not education, or where they live, it is how well connected and well off are the parents! The sad undisputed truth wealthy kids only;) The rest of society can toil and be crushed with ever increasing austerity and less benefits. All this while the government employees gorge themselves, having the best employer in the whole world….taxpayer! We are "Government poor" by design, not by accident!

  3. Please never take this video down! I'm a high school teacher and I love showing this documentary to my 12th grade students to get them thinking about their post-graduation plans. This video has helped spark so many excellent conversations. The only way Americans can watch this is through YouTube.

  4. i have a degree so the only jobs i maybe get is minimum wage jobs even those ones so some experience waitress , cashier, etc is the sad reality

  5. With the horrible/slow Canadian economy these days, the only way you're going to get a 'JOB' or a 'Career' going is to start one yourself. Start up a painting company, or a junk removal company, or some other company where YOU are the company and you have a service to offer others. That is the ONLY WAY to get a Job in Canada these days = Make it yourself, and HOPE there are some people out there who will have enough money to be able to afford paying you something for your time.

  6. Queen's Commerce is one valuable way to go, if you are willing to use it as a stepping stone very early on. This is a program that actually prepares people for the workforce.

    In my first year, I've landed a well paid internship in Hong Kong with a rising startup. Most of my classmates also have very relevant and experience granting jobs, before even entering their second year.

    You have to take control of your own career. I'm baffled by people spending four years of their life pursuing a degree in sciences, only to want to go to medical or law school. If you are not pursuing something that will benefit you NOW, you are far behind.

  7. they are serving because they have all bullshit degrees… get a degree in something of value and you will get a job.

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