11 thoughts on “John Kelly Approved Visas For Russian Spies To Meddle In Election!

  1. "Kowardly Kerry" also gave a visa to the female Russian attorney who met with Trump Jr.!
    Coincidence? I think NOT!

    (side note; Kerry received this "Nick name" due to his cowardly actions in Vietnam. While he was on river patrol boats he "ran from the enemy!")

  2. Mueller knew this, he was apart of it. Just another guilty hypocrite trying to cover his own ass now. They failed at their own made up dossier/lies, collusion story with the Trump campaign so now he has to come up with something else to take the attention off of him and is corrupt cronies. This whole thing stinks, don't believe a thing they say, they've lied so much, drain the swamp!

  3. John McCain Jeff Flake they are traitors get them out of the Republican Party they don't belong here they belong next to Obama in jail

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