Just Got to Ohio This Morning

I have just moved to Ohio after I found a job with a company sited on the Maumee river near Perrysburg, OH. It is a good deal for me, especially since I had been working at a job that really was not a good match for my computer science degree. I have been really busy since I got here, looking for inexpensive apartments for rent for Perrysburg Ohio. I would really like to figure out a way to get a better deal than what I am finding so far. It is not like you are going to get the sort of deal that I would like to find, but it would be really nice for me if I could get something that was a good deal less than a thousand dollars per month. Obviously if you get a one bedroom place that is not a shanty, that is pretty much what you are going to end up paying.

The ideal thing would be for you to figure out how to get another person to come in with you, a person obviously who would be relied upon to hold up their end of the bargain. You do not need to get a roommate who is not going to be there with their half of the rent at the end of the month. In fact it is not going to be half as much for a two bedroom place, but it is going to be a bit more than half as much. In general a two bedroom apartment is only going to be a hundred and fifty or two hundred dollars more per month than a single bedroom place would be. So that is something I would really love if I could figure out how to find a person who was good to their word.

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