10 thoughts on “Knee Pain Exercises – Pilates for Knees

  1. Do you recommend an exercise for frozen shoulder? It feels tight in the joint and I want to exercise it without injuring it. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hi, Jessica. I was wondering why you do the legs separately in the quad set. It seems like you could just as easily do them together and save time. Is there a reason for that? Thanks, I love your videos.

  3. Jessica, thank you so very much! I started to stop this exercise after 1st min because it seemed so simple that I doubted it would help. . . Boy was I wrong. It really did stop my kneecap from aching! Yesterday was 1st time trying it. I have metal plate around kneecap, so it gives me the blues occasionally. Hmmm, who am I kidding? Daily, but I actually had to take an Alleve 2 days ago. Again, I thank you!

  4. My right hip starts to heart once I do up to eight reps. I dont mean fatigue but some kind of strain. Am I over doing it or is that normal?

  5. hi i really enjoy doing your exercise, but when i do the one with the ball i get a really bad charlie horses, what can i do.should i still i still so them.

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