14 thoughts on “LeBron James Criticized For Coach Tyronn Lue Resting Him , Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love

  1. an Asian spent his entire savings to visit USA for the first and last time to see his idols play and that particular night bench players were all he saw

  2. dont yall get it they always say something about lebron resting because the nba is already rigged in his favor

  3. Lebron can't win with the media. On the one hand, they say he's playing too many minutes at age 32. It makes no sense for him to do that. He needs to REST and conserve energy for the playoffs.

    But everytime he misses a game to rest, those same people complain about him resting.

    WTF?!? So, basically, he's a fool when he doesn't rest, but he's also being a selfish inconsiderate jerk to the fans when he does rest?

    How about you turn your attention away from the 32-yr-old who is leading the NBA in MPG in his 12th season, and instead call out all those 20-something-yr-old stars who are playing 3-4 fewer MPG than 32-yr-old Lebron and still taking rest days.

  4. I did not watch the game because LeBron James did not play but I hope this resting will pay off 2017 NBA championship

  5. San Antonio Spurs started the trend of resting their players every other game en route to multiple championships. I in no way condone this though. You healthy, you can walk, go earn that paycheck boy.

  6. The only ones defending this bs is cavs fans. "stop making them play so many games" yall sound like bitches. The schedule has been 82 games for the past 5 or 6 decades and this never became an issue until Lebitch Shames made it an issue. He complained about the all star break being too short now it's a week in between games! like come the eff on! Now he bitches that the schedule itself is too long and he has the league listening. Well how about giving up some of that 30 million a year salary and let the league shorten the season. I swear I can't wait until this fuck head retires as he has truly made this a pussified league.

  7. MJ didn't have anyone telling him "we don't care about your regular season stats, we only care about the number of rings you have" MJ didn't have a ghost to catch up to and beat. Bron's not playing, too bad. You want to see LeBron? Go to Cleveland. Or hope your city's team is good enough to play the Cavs in the playoffs. I'm sick of this. The players can do whatever they want since the "regular season don't mean shit". They're trying to get that "Ring that means everything". Hypocrites.

  8. i agree with Marc jackson when he says if you're healthy, you should be in the game. fans pay a lot of money to see these guys & they are shortchanged because these pampered millionaire basketball players want to have a rest

  9. Don't criticize lebron kyrie kevin criticized tyronn lue 4 resting them they wanted to play I'm a true cavaliers fan and I was angry cause I wanted to see my team play.


  11. I never seen nobody that played more mins than Bron the dude does so much he can't rest? if the fans a can't expect that how are you a fan but watch if he played a team like the 76ers and got hurt y'all gonna complain and say why did he even play in the first place

  12. First off the only player that was rested was Lebron because Kevin Love just came back from an injury so he can't play back to backs and Kyrie got injured in the last game against the jazz and he wasn't cleared to play so what would be the point to force Lebron to play a game he most likely had no chance of winning

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