18 thoughts on “Legends of the Internet S1E12: The Irate Gamer Vol. 2

  1. Darkest Pixar movie was easily the Incredibles.

    As for Nintendo, I would have to agree with him on that one,
    They are good, but not very mature.

  2. You could insert transitioning words like quote unquote or change your voice if you want to emphasize what Irategamer spoke. Your tone is the same I cant distinguish if you are side commenting or you are still quoting his words

  3. 17:05 – WASN'T THAT MEMORABLE?! Bullcrud, it wasn't! Dudes, the original TMNT arcade game has been just as memorable as Turtles in Time since that was released! And it still is. I don't care wether it's in terms of age difference or what, you guys should've AT LEAST came across the game when it was available on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.
    Heck, I was still a kid when I last played the arcade version at a Chuck E. Cheese years ago. And that was during the 2000s. If any of you people were around during the 80s or 90s, y'all have no excuse in not seeing a commercial or an arcade cabinet at one point. Especially considering the franchise's popularity being in its prime back then.

  4. Good stuff guys. There is one thing I have to say about the AVGN ROB episode that was mentioned in here. While it isn't the best episode by any means, I will say that I think Rolfe's ROB video is better than Bores, but then again, that most likely has to do with the fact that Rolfe put effort into his video. I think it's a very good episode. It was entertaining, but I wouldn't put it in my top 10 favorite AVGN episodes personally. One thing I think is good to consider is that he did think for a while that the ROB episode could be the last of the AVGN series with the bigger production of the episode and why it took longer to make than usual, as well as having a more cinematic look than the other episodes. He spent a month making it, and had a bunch of stuff included in the episode including this conspiracy type vibe with Rob getting rid of all games and replacing them with the two he was compatible with.
     I feel Rolfe's commentary over the episode gives a good description of what was going on in his mind, and why he thought about ending it after 100 and have the last episode have this epic fight at the end between Rob and the Nerd. And while Bores doesn't really get anything wrong in his episode, at least not blatantly obvious regarding ROB, it's still a boring episode, like the Irate Gamer show usually is. Rolfe puts a good amount of effort into his videos, to keep them fresh and new, while Bores doesn't do as much into the production of his videos where he should.
     Now Bores does put effort into his videos, but a lot of that goes into special effects, since that's what he's really best at, and he doesn't have a good since of comedy, writing or creativity over all in comparison. His "research" is just laughable, as he rarely ever does actual research that isn't common knowledge or isn't just written on Wikipedia, which isn't always reliable as people know. He'd just take months to make an episode, and yet the finished product makes you think "Did you really do research into this? Did you really play the game or just waste enough time to get a substantial amount of footage to call it a day and put it together?" Rolfe cares about the quality of his videos, and while it may be a hit or miss for some episodes of AVGN, you can at least say that for him, but I can't say the same about Bores.

  5. I actually sat through the two volumes for 4 hours and a half.
    That being said, I'm surprised someone memorized and took the time to talk about everything the irate gamer has done and been through since his debut. You are very well informed. There were plenty of things I didn't know, like the Jew Wario situation.

  6. "Chris played Super Mario Galaxy 2 but he thought it was a movie. At first."
    Made me spit my water out! YOU CAN'T BE THIS STUPID! YOU CAN'T! XD

  7. Even with the blame shifting and the lying, I could have seen myself checking out his channel for so bad it's funny content.

    And with the Jew Wario comment, every once of interest and sympathy I could ever have for the Irate Gamer evaporated. Beyond disgusting.

  8. man this irate gamer sound like a piece of shit. Mike matei does too. Does pewdiepie even do letplays anymore?

  9. Ninja Gaiden 3 (not counting Razor's Edge barely) was terrible. Chris Bores clearly doesn't know what he's talking about at all. Then again, I doubt his opinion would change much if he played the first two 3D games, he'd probably complain that they're "too difficult".

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