16 thoughts on “LOST – The Oceanic 6 Theme

  1. This series gave me a lot of emotion, From the beginning to the end.. I felt a relation with each character…. i think, I lived on that island for six seasons.. And when the series is over…

    I said to myself: we have to go back to the island

    Best series ever in the world..

    Lost !

  2. i know its too small but could you just imagine that the church that charlie and Eko were building was the church that they all met up in at the last season…. that would be astounding

  3. I somehow missed this series when it came out, except for a few episodes of season one including the pilot. Just finished watching it last night on Netflix, and I can truly say that I have never been moved by at TV series to such a degree. It will touch you in places you don't expect. The music is simply timeless, and I believe this entire work will stand up as a masterpiece of creativity and beauty. Thank you to all the actors, producers, writers and musicians who gave it to us.

  4. It is amazing this programme, the best serie I have ever seen… We would never have better programme in our live

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