4 thoughts on “Making Apps Accessible (Android Development Patterns Ep 10)

  1. an u able to download a free movie &tv show app from Windows 10 store into with one of my Android devices

  2. 2:03 you can also use an emulator to check if all the interactive views (editTexts, radioButtons, buttons, overflow menu icon…etc) are accessible by pressing the up/down keyboard keys.

    Few more a11y tips I learned from various DroidCon talks:
    – Avoid making UI controls that fade-out or disappear over time.
    – minHeight, minWidth=48dp
    – For EditTexts, provide a hint instead of contentDescription.
    – For videos, provide captions and subtitles.
    – In Lollipop+, try out Color inversion and color correction from Settings|Accessibility.
    – Use announceForAccessibility(CharSequence someText) to make TalkBack speak out someText.

    Basically, we want to challenge the assumptions that the user:
    – can see the screen
    – can touch the screen with accuracy
    – can hear the audio.

    Please correct me if any of these are wrong or misleading. I'm a newb. ^__^

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