13 thoughts on “Man Arrested When Police Found His ‘Secret Stash’ ft. DavidSoComedy

  1. It's very common for serial killers to keep the bodies (or parts) of their victims, Dahmer had torsos in acid, heads the in frezer, skeletons. 30+ bodies where found buried under Gacy's house, one on top of the other, that helped establish the timeline of his killings, even Bundy kept some of the victims heads to masturbate.

  2. and why wasn't that Japanese guy who killed and ate his French classmate tried in france. talk about getting away with murder AND he got star treatment. book deal and everything WTF

  3. This man is innocent!! He was just showing those people Japan's wonderful OMOTENASHI by fulfilling their wish to die. So sad he's been unjustly imprisoned.

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