9 thoughts on “Meghan stuns in roll neck and midi skirt on first royal engagement

  1. I think it is about time the British people welcomed her, instead of treating her like something the cat brought in. She is in effect a stranger in a different Country, with different rules, opinions, even the sayings are different. Not only that she is joining what a lot of Brits regard as the No.1. Family in the land, & not only does she have to learn to mix with them and us all, she has the hard task of learning 'Royal Protocol' fast. OK Harry has made his choice,  – some of us may not approve, he didn't have to ask her – NO ONE FORCED HIM, – (my God he has had enough tragedy in his life with his Mother being Divorced and then Killed), – let him enjoy the rest of it for God's sake, if he wishes with her. After having been in our Country only a week or more Meghan (together with) Harry are thrown into a first engagement together. I should think she was absolutely frightened out of her life that she would do the wrong thing or make the wrong move, especially with all the British Press analysing her & his every move, – and it will be taken apart and discussed over the next few days by all the "Knowledgeable" Royal Critics. That includes all the appropriate TV Channels, all the Daily Papers, Magazines galore, and of course ALL the very self opinionated internet writers. Personally I wish them all the happiness they could wish for………… I will NOT reply to 'comments' with swearing in them – there is no need.

  2. Meghan has to learn to stand at least a foot away from Harry when they are out in public; with Harry on duty, he is formal and focused on the typical communication interchange that he conducts with hosts.

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