12 thoughts on “Morning Relaxing Music – Happy and Positive Energy (Diana)

  1. This music created a picture of myself sipping my favorite morning drink from my small, open veranda made of woods, looking out to the trees and running water in the lake, and just having a good time by myself, enjoying the scenery, and this beautiful music…
    simplicity is beauty.

  2. i really love animating, and while i am doing that, this really helps me with it. It gives me motivation to do more. Thanks!

  3. omg i used this for a presentation and my whole office got relaxed and they liked me a lot so thx for making this wonderful song:)

  4. I was just watching something really creepy and i was too scared to leave my room until i heard this

  5. Es muy buena el diseño de la cancion y muy relajante por el sonido de las aves. Me encanta, me ayuda a liberarme!!

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