9 thoughts on “Neck Deep | The Peace & The Panic | Album Review

  1. Thank you for singning such high praise about Motion Sickness, that right there is a fucking tune .

    I agree with your overall, some songs and lyrics are definitely hit or miss whilst others are just straight-up fantastic. I really do miss some of the heavier sounding instrumentation from their previous album.

  2. I'm not listening to this album until it comes out on Spotify. But the 4 singles they have released so far are mind blowing flawless so I see this album being my second favorite album of the year after hearing it tommorw (NOTHING THIS YEAR IS GONNA EVER BE BETTER THEN OKAY BY AS IT IS) neck deep to me are one of the best bands of all time and life's not out to get you is literally a 100/10 masterpiece

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