16 thoughts on “Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Pt. 7: Special Guest George W. Bush

  1. Humorists have always been a value because they help keep the Establishment "real". I've done Tarot readings for over 40 years, sometimes picking up on a past life that is relevant to this situation. I'm always surprised by the information. In one reading I 'saw" the person as a street performer in Paris in the 1700's dressed up as Marie Antoinette doing an exaggerated skit, saying "Let them eat cake!". And we all know how that turned out. Interestingly, the person I was reading for grew up on a Native American reservation and had never heard that phrase before.

  2. …I've always been a Bush fan. I've even talked most of my girlfriends over years to forego the complete shave and just go for the trim.

  3. after reading the comments below, there's a lot of idiots that don't know it's will Ferrell, there are more clips

  4. Sam Bee and crew: YOU DID IT, YOU DID IT, yes – you did it – YOU entertained us during the WHCD.

    Looking forward to next year's NTWHCD if TRUMP is still POTUS and doesn't show.

  5. These disgusting leftists are more evil than anything I can imagine.

    What a sick ideology you have. You are worshiping demons and don't even know it.

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