5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time 6×11 Belle Tells Hook & Charming about Gideon Season 6 Episode 11

  1. So does foreheads True Love kiss not work anymore or is it because its romantic love and it needs to be kissed on the lips. and foreheads true love kissing is only for parental love it seems lol

  2. Does she only awake with a kiss on the lips, because I recall Regina breaking one of the many curses this show has had in Season 3 by kissing Henry on the forehead?

    Also, it's a shame Belle didn't use the "Your daughter sent Merida to murder me when she was the Dark One, which no one has brought up since" trump card.

  3. I missed it. why is Snow sleeping why can't she wake up when charming is awake when will she be able to wake up

  4. I bet snow smell like pure shit with all those urine, faeces in her intestine and no shower for days

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