20 thoughts on “Painful Neck Condition (Occipital Neuralgia) When Looking Down On Your Smartphone – Dr Mandell

  1. trap muscle videos and others have help but i am looking for help with pain in the muscles that start under the shoulder blades and around the rib cage work ten hours a day and i cant get those muscles relaxed even when not at work please help

  2. Thanks a lot for the lecture. This is spot-on for my condition and first now I understand what is going on. Working with computers since 1980, I have within the recent year suffered awful permanent pains in my shoulders and arms. And pain killers don't help! So I have been fearing becoming disabled, that is being unable to make a living. So Dr. Mandell is quite right – do not ignore this although it may seem a minor issue. I have restored my posture, alleviating the pain by the aid of a competent physician. But I have to be constantly aware not to fall back in the old habit, or the problem will be back at full strength. Don't let it happen to you, permanent pain drains one's energy hence quality of life.

  3. I love this video! Thank you for taking the effort to show details of the scientific background of these headaches! I was laughed at (behind my back) when I kept on telling young friends of my daughter, to change posture by looking at their device. The hours, the places they spend on that screen is going to harm them some day… your contribution is amazing, convincing and free! Thank you again!

  4. I love listening to you! You help me understand a lot about my bulging disks in my neck. I wish to know if I could go back to the gym and take my pilates classes. Thanks RT 🙂

  5. Hey doctor, you've helped me out with some info, recently, regarding occipital neuralgia-type issues I'm dealing with. Another symptom is, when I'm falling asleep, I'll get these electric shock feelings (like a hypnic jerk, but a shock, instead) in the back of my head and neck..like I'm getting tased! And then also the major jerks/spasms like hypnic jerks, but ×10 and most the time just located in my head, but all different areas of body, as well. I used to sleep at an incline, due to silent reflux, and think doing that messed up my neck. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Over a year, now, and I dread going to sleep.

  6. Tx doc!! My elbows hurt.. can't bend them.. physio sez tennis elbow and golfers elbow !!! Neck muscles r bad too

  7. Excellent, I have had severe headaches for years, very painful……and now I understand why this accrued. Love your videos, I have learned so much. And you show us on the body how this works…..thank you for sharing all these informations….God bless you to.

  8. This was a great video I was in a car Accident in my 20"s & of coarse have had. problems ever since thank you for reminding me of what I should be doing …

  9. Thanks (on behalf of the Human Race) for sharing. This is a globally threatening deformity of potentially devastating proportions for evolution.

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