15 thoughts on “RAW: Best-preserved mammoth ever found goes on display in Moscow

  1. "Another country other than America found it, it must be fake." "Another news station outside of CNN or FOX covered it, it must be fake!"………. :l

  2. For all those dufasses who call this video a fake, pls give it a break.u r as dumb enough to call it a fake already,if it is a fake, it would not have been so famous,instead, its all over the news globally.
    You dont have to call every great discovery, video or pic a fake.Yes there are many fakes on youtube today but this one is not one of them.

  3. The handling of it was a little questionable?! I was just waiting on one of them to smash it up against the wall and the trunk falls off.

  4. they found this woolley mammoth beyond antarctica in the same region that admiral byrd found the new earth land he saw the woolley mammoth walking around they lied because they dont want to admit there is land they are hideing from people on this earth

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