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  1. I’ve been using 0.05 retin A three times a week for several months with no peeling. Do you think it’s time I use it more often?

  2. I can't use anything on my face of I'm flaking too much. It depends whether I'm irritated or not. If I'm only flaking I can use face creams and serums but if I'm red and raw than girl bye……. I can't use anything other then oils.

  3. Monica, if you wait 30 minutes after you apply the Retin A then you wont dilute it. I prefer to put a moisturizer on first, wait 30 minutes and then apply the Retin A and I very seldom have peeling. I use 0.1% every night. If I am having a very dry period, I use moisturizer 30 min. before and then 30 min. after. This was advice from my Dermatologist and I recently saw a video from Dr Davin Lim an aesthetic dermatologist who recommended the same thing. Cheers!

  4. Hi……great video! I use Retin-A and I control the flakey areas on my face by using the Korean 10 step method products!!! My face has never been in such good condition. Just an fyi ……

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