17 thoughts on “Running Water Soft Relaxation Sounds | White Noise for Sleep, Studying, Soothing Baby | 10 Hours

  1. Not trolling, this actually gives me a headache. There's something really weird going on with the sound. It sounds like it cuts out for millisecond every second.

  2. I love the water videos and am also a big fan of the fan videos. Pun intended.
    Keep up the good work, I don't know how you get these sounds, but you get them, and that's all that matters. Keep em coming.

  3. I listened to it closed my eyes for a bit andd i already almost fell asleep cause its soothing

  4. Thank you!!!, this is helping me study for my upcoming finals in a few days. Keep doing what your doing!!!!

  5. I live in a dormitory, and these water sounds always help me and my friends go to sleep early so we can be refreshed every morning. Keep em' coming!

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