17 thoughts on “Terrifying ! Amazing Two Brothers Catch Big Snake in the Canal While Go Fishing

  1. Hate to see this video from student play with snake's, i boring this many video's where older guy maybe family make video. What assholl parents make video to make people scary. Very bad and the people who like to look to this, i pity with the sad snake's. Bad fuckers who make this video.

  2. People that live in thoose countries you can see that they don’t care about they hurting something

  3. These little fuckers need to leave this poor animal alone bc I'm a snake lover and handler and if I was there I would've punched the fuck out of them this is fucking animal cruelty and I don't know how the fuck someone could watch this and enjoy it and btw for the people who care about this poor snake I reported this video for animal abuse

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