The Big Scare over Nothing

A man who was skilled 3D modeling once made a model of a gun that could be printed out using a 3D printer and assembled with a metal firing pin made from a regular nail that you can buy at a hardware store. The model was on the man’s website for a couple of days, until the government made him take it down. They feared that letting people have access to 3D printed guns would lead to a rise in violent crimes. Many people who had already downloaded the model uploaded it on Piratebay for everyone who missed it to download it.

Much to the surprise of no one, the 3D model for the gun being available to the public didn’t cause a rise in violent crimes, because no one used the printed gun for any violent crimes. The gun had a fatal flaw that prevented it from being completely useful. The plastic that the gun was made out of could only withstand a certain amount of pressure from each time a bullet is fired. Eventually, the plastic disintegrates when it can’t take anymore. This was demonstrated on a video that was made by the man who created the 3D model.

There weren’t even any cases where people used the printed gun to rob someone at gunpoint. People became afraid of a scenario that didn’t actually happen. I can see where they would get the idea that someone might print their own gun for violence, but it’s not worth the trouble. You would have to buy a 3D printer or build one, which costs anywhere from $500 to $1000. Then you would have to print the gun, assemble it, and keep printing guns when they break. You would also have to buy ammo, which can’t be done without a registered firearm in a lot of cases. Even a criminal would find it cheaper to get a reliable, metal gun.

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