19 thoughts on “The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

  1. So i wanted to see how i can study better and faster. he talks about distractions and i realized that this video was distracting me :D.

  2. why i was still a nova three in csgo while i have already praticed 600 hours? Give Me the Answer right now

  3. Creative and faulty. Nice and useless. John Buyer, we don't buy it. I'm waiting for the next Ted presenter… 2.0 version… The first 10hrs to learn anything 🙂  John, your premise is wrong… 10K hrs never became 10k hrs to learn something! They have always been to become an expert at. You and TED should know better. Nice hat though.

  4. Its remarkable how different we take in information and think. Some of us who are natural decoders could explain this theory of how we learn so quick, (maybe knower's of all masters of none) we deconstruct a skill, sort importance, test limits and theory (while you talk about your day)

  5. All of the anti-intellectualists on this thread so amazingly inspirational on the topic of how NOT to be in life.

  6. Thank you! Understanding that the road block to learning is emotional helped me so much. I am now investing my 20(+) hours in learning pharmacology this week INSTEAD of dropping my class.

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