16 thoughts on “THE GARGANTUAN LEVIATHAN!? (+ Lost River Base!) || Subnautica (Part 11) Full Release

  1. Hey Ryan. In my game of subnautica I built the moonpool and I have the arms for my prawn suit but when I dock my prawn suit in the moon pool so I can build the arms the fabricater isn't there. How do I get it to appear or I how do I get it. I hope you read this cause I need some help

  2. Swimming is hard work, and so you'd probably sweat a lot from the effort of having to do it most of every day. Therefore, the suit absorbs all of your sweat, even when you're scared you sweat, so I think the suit is actually absorbing sweat instead of your character fricking pissing himself all the time. Like the comment if you agree with me.

  3. Hey Ryan I saw the thing this episode the Mesmer was swimming around do you remember the thing that was a carniERROR43 a beautiful creature that wants to share its beauty…. do not resist…. swim closer…. swim closer Ryan….

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