17 thoughts on “The King Needs His Teeth Fixed

  1. You are going on a vegas trip and you are begging for money for your teeth. Please please get your teeth fixed and forget vegas, your teeth will effect your health long term, it's so dangerous for your heart to have bad teeth, please king spend your money on your teeth and stay healthy.

  2. You expect for people to for this shit? Your videos are garbage just like you. Have fun living like a bum

  3. If you got a decent job then you would have a dental plan like I have and not worry about begging for money for teeth problems dude. Just saying. All your problems in life are because you refuse to work.

  4. "Lacey" needs to be the one to help you. And if you can't work out that Josephine and Lacey are one and the same, there's no hope for you.

  5. Being attacked by squirrels was the most entertaining thing that ever happened to you in any of your videos. What do you do? Turn the video off. What a dummy.

  6. A KING should travel in his own private jet!! I hope in this case, going to LV, you are at least flying First Class!!!

  7. The people who send you money for your so called taxes, already paid Uncle Sam taxes on their money and you want people to pay you taxes for the privilege of your friendship. ( cough, cough). Mr. Your nobody's friend. Your a user, plain and simple. You may not like what i say, but the ones sending you money are not doing you any favors, because one day, your going to be alone, broke and empty, with no-one to care. I, am doing you a favor, trying my best to make you understand, the money is fleeting, and your wasting your life on this and you best open your eyes before it's too late for you. Your welcome!

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