17 thoughts on “Toe 2 Toe: Johnny Nelson joins us to look back at Brook v Spence Jr plus much more.

  1. THERE IS NO WAY Crawford beat Spence wtf??? first off Crawford is way smaller and Spence would have hella reach.

  2. Johnny is correct when talking about the Groves situation. But say if Smith wins, a shock result I know but he will lose a whole lotta money from the Degale fight.

  3. Toe 2 Toe, tell Johnny he is to emotionally involved with the Sheffield boy Brook. There was no man handling going on by Kell. Just give Anthony Spence his props and move on for another time.

  4. Get your tongues out of Brook's arse, your tongue covered in chocolate brownie you fucking arse bandits. Brook is a hype job who has beaten only one name in 36 fights and that was a fight that could of gone either way. Other than that win what has brook done? He threw the towel in against Golovkin and now he's taken a knee and said No more against Errol Spence. it's as simple as that, if he was really worried about his life and a career threatening injury why did he take the fight in the first place? Why is he even announcing he will fight again? He quit and took a cowards way out so he could fight an easier fight next.

    Amir Khan get's so much stick and ridicule because he is always getting sparked out but one thing i admire and salute about Khan is he never quits or takes a knee like a coward. Lad get's knocked out but he will always get up if he ain't unconscious. Hearn and Brook had all of the sky sports fanbase fooled in to thinking Brook was a monster and Khan was running scared. Truth is Brook was never in Khan's league to begin with and it was proved in his fight against Spence when he bottled it.

  5. not surprised denontay wilder was banged out so many times by lad, hes the weakest boxing skills out of all the big names in the heavy weight ranks.

  6. Is this Johnny Nelson guy part of Kell Brooks camp or what? Kell Brook manhandled Spence? What fight were you watching? Stop giving Kel Brook excuses and giving Spence no credit for the victory. He took body shots all fight and broke down eventually.

  7. if joshua fights povetkin and its ppv i be surprised as surely AJ wont fight no one except wilder next

  8. THE WORD quit WAS NOT MENTIONED ONCE IN 12 MINS 8 SECONDS TYPICAL SKY BULLSHIT PR knacker from the brotherhood of islam with some star struck honky bitch that johnny is nailing while spencer rolls a joint.

  9. typical sky fucking PR bullshit ……brook quit……….nelson knew this and dont even get me started with spencer fucking mong fuck fearon ….both these are sky company men who only big sky fighters up the pair of them are a joke

  10. These two clowns totally and completely full of shit. I swear the guy on the left is a stone cold faggot. Enough of that lets get down to the nitty gritty. Errol Spence beat the living shit out of Kell Brook. Brook quit not because of the eye he quit because he didn't want to get knocked out in front of his fans. And for this dumb fuck Johnny Nelson to say Shawn Porter is above or on the same level as Errol Spence what a stupid fuck. This is the same dumb fuck who stated if Brook hit Spence with a right hand Spence would be done. Shows this stupid fuck doesn't know a damn thing. As for Terrance Crawford if he ever fights Errol, Spence will fucking end Terrance Crawford's Career. You can listen to all this bullshit these two fucking clowns are talking. if you want to. They're just fucking jealous cause Spence beat their boys ass. Errol Spence is the TRUTH and he will kill all of them.

  11. Nelson has been on Kells dick for too long, face it man, he has been fighting bums his whole career, and only has one Win on his resume who was good(Shawn Porter), but gets exposed when fights World Class opponents. GGG took his heart.

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