14 thoughts on “Toyota Belt Squeal – Mystery Solved

  1. Thank you for saving me money, my 2012 Carolla has the exact same issue. I noticed this noise after I changed the timing belt. I was asked to pay another $400 to replace water pump for the squealing noise to go away. When I turn it on slowly I don't hear any noise now. However I still don't know why a new belt showed up this issue while it did not have such noise for the older belt.

  2. I had the belt changed and had no issues for about 2 weeks, not sure if I should pay a visit to the mechanic to have this tightened again… I just tried this and it worked every time, mine is a Yaris 2009

  3. Thanks for this video – I've noticed the very same thing! I got my serpentine belt changed about a year ago, because it was going bad, but my car continued to make that loud squealing noise when I turned it on….and I wasn't sure why. However, I, too, noticed that when I started my car slower, the squealing noise was either absent or severely diminished. So, it seems like the problem is not with the belt….

  4. 2011 Corolla without this problem. It sounds more like a design flaw in the voltage regulator or a bad batch of regulators to me. The regulator controls the output of the alternator, not the computer. It does on my car anyway.

  5. I have this very same problem on my 1999 Nissan pathfinder and the slow turn start trick doesn't seem to work. Any idea how to actually fix this problem?

  6. Could be a bad fan clutch… which is electronic. That fan sounds loud like it's stuck "on". Notice the "bad-muffler-like" sound.

  7. Hmm my car ('08 Yaris 99k km) makes this noise when I start it fast or when I have to suddenly stop and start again. So every stop sign and red light… very frustrating as I've replaced the serpentine belt as well and no one seems to be able to explain the god awful screeching…

  8. I just ran into that problem on my 2007 Tundra. I was ready to head back to the parts store when I decided to check out Youtube first. Your video is spot on, and definately worthy of a sub.

  9. I just purchased a 2012 Yaris. I was rushed into the deal and wad really worried that the motor was messed up. I wad initially worried because the car makes kinda of knocking noise but it's not load and you can't hear it from the outside. Then I worried after I heard the squealing sound in the mornings. If decided to just drive it carefully and maintain it well for the next six months. Then I'll years trade it in. I'll be more careful in the future.

  10. so if i upgrade my car's computer to like an intel i7 processor you think it will be fast enough to analyze the alternator

  11. Wow. I never would of guessed. I've had this trouble with my 2010 Corolla. Belt squeals and I even saw my 10 year old niece cover her poor ears. I tried your method of starting my car slowly, and it WORKED! No more squeal. Ok Watson what is the method of fixing this lol.

  12. i usually facepalm when my yaris starts to squeal in public. i usually tightened the belt once in a while because it squeals. i do slow ignition everytime.

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