13 thoughts on “Tug boat pushed under water by cruise ship

  1. I went on carnival triumph an destiny an then the newer breeze an we docking in cosmel Mexico thinking we the largest ship docking but just an hour later here comes the royal Caribbean Allure input us in the shade so I had to finish my drink an hit land , Lol those ships are so dam huge they dwarf carnival ships in height an length. but carnivals ships r fun an no waiting in line to do anything an the ship was full passenger capacity. love cruising an even in mild storms wasn't to bad , if u are drinking heavy , Lol. no prob but sober people falling everywhere .

  2. As a retired Coast Guard licensed chief Engineer, i have spent years on all kinds on tug boats. Crowley Maritime 9000hp Invader swiftclass, Foss, Hawaiian tow Boat services, British petroleum. There is all kinds of "tug boats" that include pusher tugs , shallow draft river tugs for the remote backwaters of Alaska where i would spend 6 months a year. Tugs can be as short as 12' up to ocean going monsters. Yes that is in fact a tug boat "hipped up" to the side of the barge..Diesel, Diesel electrics, cycloidal propellers, there out there.

  3. That's the bathroom waste being emptied. The cruise line was fined almost 80,000 us dollars for the mistake.

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