16 thoughts on “Vast – Lady Of My Dreams

  1. linda demais perfeita para apreciar as curvas os lábios e cabelos de sua Amada enquanto ela vem andando pela rua de encontro aos seus braços sorrindo em te ver… ahh que saudade do começo de namoro

  2. When playing this song, I truly imagine myself as lady from the historical times having passionate relationship with some man. Really perfect song.

  3. Its amazing how the brain works, there is no way i can explain what this song does to me. I love her, i really do, sometimes you can't pick a flower that has already been picked. The weird thing about it is that i keep dreaming about her, and i never dream about a girl i love. Last night i dreamed about her again. My thoughts are lost inside her eyes, she is so beautiful, every moment i spend with her is a moment of pure magic, even if she has no clue i love her. Im afraid to say to much for the simple reason of if she finds my comment due to google. how strong can love feel ? is there some kind of way to forget about it to prevent any emotional damage ? how does one simply forget about the one he loves to stop hurting so much? life is short. love has and will always be here until the human race fades away. every word that has been said can not be erased, every thought you have depends on how much you want to keep it. if loving the girl of your dreams means having to live it as a dream then be it.

    there is never to much love.

    but there will always be to much pain

    – Joshua Guitar –

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