14 thoughts on “Village Food / Stir Fried Onions prepared in my village by my Mom

  1. Hello auntie, why ingredients not showing in the program. Please we can see the method but ingredients we need to know.

  2. Does your mother cook for the whole village, or do you have a large family? I love watching her cooking.

  3. the food looks delicious and the little girl is beautiful. where's her sister? they wear the most pretty dresses I've ever seen.

  4. Such a devoted hard working MAMA and a good cook. We were raised on onions also . Thank you so enjoyed your video.

  5. You have such an awesome mom and grandma who prepares all the healthy and delicious meals for her family and others. May God continue to Bless her and give her strength to continue to cook for those she loves!

  6. පිරිසිදුවයි, හරිම ලස්සනට ඉවුම් පිහුම් කරනවා..ආසයි බලන් ඉන්න ..ගමේ කුස්සියේ නැවුම් බව හොදින් දැනුනා…ඉදිරියටම යන්න….

  7. Thank you for your wonderful video possible slaughter of a duck and rabbit but sacrifice alone under my feet

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