18 thoughts on “WHY ATHEISM ISN’T VACUOUS GRANDILOQUENCE- Black Pigeon Speaks Response

  1. Way to try to save your dying channel by getting views from a channel much smaller that is beating you…

  2. Only in our feminized western culture will people take this neckbeard,
    put him on a pedestal, and consider him some sort of leadership figure.
    The fact that people can't see this is a problem is proof-positive that
    we are in deep trouble as a society. Strong cultures don't idolize weak men. It's is that

  3. Summary: Atheism didn't destroy Christianity. The biblical stories are becoming more incongruent with the reality of our modern world. Islam didn't rise in the west because of the decline of Christianity, Islam is rising because more Muslims are moving to and living in the west and bringing Islam with them.

  4. This video was pointless. If you want me to believe in random chance instead of intelligent design, be the first atheist ever to give a passable explanation of the watchmaker argument. If you can't, athiesm fails.

  5. TJ says- "I want diversity of thought"
    He then says he wants to get rid of Christians and Christianity. ok

  6. Black pidgeon speaks is a good channel, made some valid points. Good on you TJ for answering him so nicely, very respectable

  7. LMFAO! This fat tard is for real? HAHAHAHAHA! Looks like a professional cryptozoologist! Just becausd this ugly fucking feeb hates himself doesnt mean there is no God. God isnt dead just cause AA was made a fat slob with a pin dick and no social skills. Declination due to obsolescence kind of like some fat hipster edge lord with a dumb fucking following.

  8. 16:48 Simply devastating. I was looking forward to you eventually doing a response to Black Pigeon Speaks. He's just another funless alt-right mouthpiece who's obsessed with women destroying families and open sexuality destroying civilisation, all the trad-con fearmongering shit we've heard before.

  9. it was never a rejection for me as a child,,,just a learning curve of and on reality,common sense,as i look back on my history (now that i'm 60),,as it was that my father never went there in any way and never in any way agreed or disagreed,his void on the subject matter was my verification that something was wrong,very wrong,,,,he just left it out and all the info i received was from my mother,(now 84) she liked going to church,he's gone now (died at 81 4 years ago) and since then in the last 10-15 years,she has said silently not in shame but with reality in mind,,truthful attempts to correct the fallacies,, saying several times it was all misguided antics of not very smart but hopeful people but she felt that it was meant to keep them on a good path and a proper healthy standing amongst themselves,,,,,as was santa claus,the easter bunny and tooth fairy for the children,,she said they were very fun years,,,i agreed thinking back,..at about 6 or 7 i knew it was a fun kindness,the presents,candy,money for lost teeth and then seen how serious adults acted when talking about god and their faith,,the good,the bad and such,,,but saw they talked like mom and the easter bunny,,,etc.etc.,,lol,,then i realized they were full of themselves,there after i knew,,i'll never be deceived into being played like a child again,,after all i was a growing boy and had a lot to learn,,,since those times the church,religion and all the deceptive antics of those involved in them,were never gonna be and weren't part of my growing up,,,that was my rejection part i guess,when thinking back,per sa',not to participate in other peoples unknowledgeable antics and trickery,,,i love my mother but i don't go to church or bingo with her either,but that chocolate easter bunny is always a welcomed treat and the thought that i'm still moma's little boy,lol,,

  10. The video started, first thought i had was "he looks like a douche. Let's see" then my thought turned to "he's a respectable douche". Then, by about half of the video my thought was "I actually think just like he does, mostly, more people should think like he does, even if they don't believe in the same shit" just respectable. No name-calling, or at least very close to none, which is surprising if you watch YouTube nowadays.

  11. I am a simi nihilist and cynical optimistic. And a relativist I am in things technology​ I. Am a atheist but I identify as a cynical optimistic and a simi nihilist with sense of spirituality.

  12. If ther was a god probably be interested in weird allein so much better thin use or make a apocalypses on earth form a better species with less bias and more fair society stuctures thin we are able to with more brilliant geol and not so ridged rules.thers not god do to what I learned from philosophy. Thank goodness that god be replace use long ago .or dont care at all about use it a gamble for use .

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