12 thoughts on “Why People Lie & Deceive | Dealing With Liars

  1. She's on point and clear about examples of lying. One thing I disagree with is what she said about honesty or truth. There is no reward for being honest and trustworthy other than maybe a clear conscience of self. It seems that ppl praise the liars and shun the honest, in general. I've lost count of how many past relationships have deteriorated or simply ended because I chose to be honest. The sad truth is that ppl have been conditioned to lie and accept lies as the truth.

  2. One of my big problems is that I can read liars like a book. But some other friends can't do that. And keep "reading" this person and the others are just playing the "good friend" that gives benefit of doubt, just because the liar it's a friend.
    I'm sick of it, sometimes I feel like I should trash all…

  3. Good remarks! You look like a smart Guy but I have noticed that you are playing the psychiatric.
    Lieing and deception is an action not a mental state.
    You tell a lie.
    You deceive somebody.
    Fear is something else and ego as well.

  4. Hi Autumn! I really appreciate your videos and thank you for sharing. It's always interesting to listen to what you have to say. I study nutrition and I noticed that your skin is yellowish around your jaw/mouth area. Is this due to high cholesterol or an excess of the antioxidant beta-carotene? I've experienced health issues all my life due to psychological issues due to my childhood and have found there is a spiritual/energetic reason to any physical symptom. I was wondering if you would like to comment on that? You are beautiful, so please don't take it as criticizing your appearance. Sending you love!

  5. Hey I really need help with this because I can't find this info anywhere but how many holes does a post srs vagina have? Like I know a cis woman's vagina has 2 so does a trans woman's vagina also have 2?

  6. hope you dont get mad but….at times your voice sounds a bit like. the late Michael Jackson's voice here n there…..maybe you heard it already? If you never been told that yall have similar voice im telling you now. Oh I'M NOT LYING NOW!!!!!

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