9 thoughts on “World’s smallest DNA 75 The Elfin by Sbody

  1. I have been in your neighborhood often a few years ago….23 yrs ago lol. If I am not mistaken it is a big Irish community and not far way (walking distance) is the holy land that I worshiped at often with my family and then later with all of my college buddies. I am talking about the VET. Yes I know the Vet is no more and yes I have been to both new stadiums and they are awesome but as a kid who grew up in the 70's and 80's …..well…..I miss the Vet. I saw a lot of games there as well as JFK. Even if people are not Eagles fans JFK was the American site of Live Aid. I was very young so I did not get to go. It must have been awesome to have been there though. Man do I have a lot of fond memories from Broad st. I agree with the color but the thing I do not like about it is not that it is red but that it is such a dull red and it makes the mod look cheap but color is not something I consider when deciding to or not to buy a mod. Once I decide I want a certain mod THEN I ponder color but I have never NOT bought a mod strictly based on me liking or disliking the color options.

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