7 thoughts on “Would You Read a Crowdsourced Unbiased News Site? Wikitribune On the Way

  1. I hate people saying there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Would democrats proposed such legislation.

  2. While there is no such thing as unbiased, there is such a thing is objectivity. While everyone lives in their subjective world, the world itself is objective and doesn't care what you call things. For this act just say "New act changes the definition of overtime from 40 hours a week to 160 hours a month" or something like that, depending on the terms of the act.

  3. I would truly love to have a single unbiased new source. I'm not sure how practical the concept is, given that absolute lack of bias seems unrealistic.

  4. Unbiased news, being inpossible, no. Just report the truth and add whatever fact based commentary on it you would like.

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